Use These 6 Best Language Learning Apps for Kids and Unlock Your Inner Child

The internet is a treasure trove of learning resources for kids. The best resources can even create a home immersion setup, which is ideal for kids and adults alike.

Language learning apps for kids offer the valuable content of online resources with the added bonus of terrific visuals and interactive elements that keep you on your toes.

So if you’re looking for an interactive learning experience like no other, look no further than these six language learning apps for kids and kids at heart!


Why Use a Language Learning App for Kids?

One great reason to use a language learning app for kids is if you’re a kid! If so, good for you for reading language learning blogs.

But seriously—children learn languages more easily than adults do. Kids are at the right developmental stage to absorb a new language quickly and effortlessly. It’s one of their main skills, right up there with the ability to make a mess in .01 seconds flat. Introducing a new language early can lead to more complete fluency, so by exposing kids to extra languages, you’re setting them up for success!

Whether or not you’re an actual child, teach children or have children of your own, language learning apps for kids are fun. They’re visually stimulating and designed to hold your attention. They’re full of different games and activities, so you won’t be stuck reading hours of textbook-style lessons to learn a language.

Additionally, language learning apps for kids are interactive. Interactive learning not only holds your attention better, it also engages you more fully in the learning process. After all, when you’re prompted to respond to something, you’re using the language more fully than you would if you were merely reading about that language.

The 6 Best Language Learning Apps for Kids and Kids at Heart

Gus on the Go

Available: iOS | Android

Gus on the Go bills itself as a “language learning adventure.” And as long as you’re cool with owls, it’s a fun adventure for any language learner.

Each Gus on the Go app features an owl named—wait for it—Gus who leads kids through 10 interactive lessons, covering a total of about 90 vocabulary words. Completing lessons also unlocks games, which is a helpful motivator. Audio by native speakers helps you learn the pronunciation, while vocabulary reviews reinforce your learning.

Plus, the animation is super cute, so if you’re a sucker for adorableness, this app will keep you coming back for more.

There are 30 available languages, including popular options like Chinese, French, Spanish and German, along with less common offerings like Croatian and Armenian.

Each app costs $3.99 to download.


FluentU New iOS App Icon

Available: iOS | Android

FluentU teaches through immersion, using a large library of authentic videos in 10 languages. For example, you can find everything from children’s content (like cartoon clips and catchy animated songs) to more adult-oriented content (like clips from popular shows and news segments).

This program isn’t a kiddie app—there’s a mix of content that isn’t always necessarily rated PG—but it’s definitely aimed toward teaching languages naturally, the way kids learn them.

This learning can be difficult to emulate, since it can be so hard for learners to understand native content in their target language. FluentU aims to make learning naturally more accessible at any level by embedding these authentic videos with learning tools—so you get support at every step along the way.

Videos come with a word list and a full interactive transcript (tap on any word for a definition and audio pronunciation). Every video is also equipped with subtitles that give you any word’s definition at a click. From here, you can also see the term’s grammar info, a memorable image, several example sentences and even other videos where the word is used in the same context. You can also add the word as a flashcard to your vocabulary lists for later review.

Each video and flashcard deck are followed up by personalized review exercises that incorporate videos, images and example sentences. 

FluentU is currently available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese—all of which can be learned under one account with no additional charge to switch between languages at a whim.

Teach Kids Languages

Available: iOS | Android

The Teach Kids Languages app uses fun games to teach languages to children ages 2-7. With puzzles, memory games and quizzes, learning never needs to be boring.

The app focuses on teaching spelling and pronunciation of basic vocabulary words. The vocabulary words are mostly general terms that children often use like colors, numbers, shapes, animal names, clothing and more.

The animations are cute but also use a soothing color scheme, which prevents them from becoming overstimulating.

The Teach Kids Languages app is available for English, Spanish, Polish, Dutch and Esperanto.

Each app is free to download, while additional in-app purchases unlock more content.

Pacca Alpaca

Available: iOS | Android

Can’t get enough of adorable alpacas? Pacca Alpaca is the best app to get your alpaca fix while learning a language.

Pacca Alpaca is designed by language learning experts and specialists in digital media for children. It’s intended for children ages 2-6. The apps teach basic words like numbers, shapes and colors through travels with an alpaca guide.

There are nine levels featuring audio from native speakers, and each level is re-playable. Along the way, you can collect souvenirs that ultimately unlock a video. Collecting souvenirs is a fun way to stay motivated while on your journey.

Pacca Alpaca offers English, Spanish, French, German, Welsh, Arabic and Chinese.

Pacca Alpaca is free to download, and there are no in-app purchases, so it’s safe to leave in the hands of your children without you having to worry about them making purchases without you.

Fun Easy Learn

Available: iOS | Android

Fun Easy Learn offers intuitive, easy-to-use language learning apps. These apps are designed for visual and/or auditory learners in general, but many of the images and features are particularly appealing for children.

Fun Easy Learn offers a great assortment of learning materials. Each app contains 5,000-6,000 words with audio spoken by native speakers. Words are logically organized in 15+ main themes with 140+ subcategories. Fun games are also available to keep you learning.

The apps are organized into three difficulty levels, from beginning through advanced, so they’re appropriate for any level of language learner.

There are Fun Easy Learn apps for 50 languages. With so many offerings, chances are there’s an app for whatever language you or your child hope to learn.

The basic app is free to download, with additional in-app purchases available to expand content and/or remove ads.


Available: iOS | Android

If you’re looking for an approachable language course for children, Studycat is an exciting option targeted at children ages 3-10.

Studycat apps combine the benefits of conventional language courses with fun games, making the lessons more engaging for children. Plus, an original score and fun animated images will capture any user’s attention.

Lessons cover common vocabulary like colors, food, animals, body parts and more. These lessons present words repeatedly in different contexts to reinforce their meanings. Audio is provided by both male and female speakers who use different inflections to give users a better ability to understand variations in the language.

Studycat offers apps for English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese.

Initial app downloads are free, with additional in-app purchases required to unlock more lessons.


You can’t be a kid forever, but with these six great language learning apps, you can still learn like one!

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