Learn English with YouTube: The 12 Best Channels

YouTube isn’t just about cats and silly videos anymore—there are thousands of English videos as well.

But then how will you know what to watch?

To help you, I’ve picked my top 12 channels to help you learn English with YouTube. The styles are all very different, but they’re all really fun and interesting.



Wait. Why Should I Learn English with YouTube?

So, you might be asking: “Why should I use learn English with YouTube?”

Here are a few reasons:

  • You can pause and rewind YouTube English videos whenever you need to.
  • Many of the videos let you see the speaker’s mouths. This way you can better understand how their mouths move to create different English sounds.

One of the best reasons to learn English on YouTube is that most of the lessons are short, but convey a lot of information in easy-to-understand ways. There’s no chance of you losing your focus. By dipping into one short lesson a day you will soon notice the difference in your ability to speak English.

Whether you are a child, teenager or adult, absolute beginner, intermediate or advanced ESL student, YouTube has a lot of English learning videos and channels that are available for free. Hope you enjoy the ones shown here!

Learn English YouTube: 12 Channels You’ve Gotta Subscribe To!

1. Learn English with Misterduncan

This is one of the most popular YouTube channels for English learning videos. It’s easy to see why.

Misterduncan is passionate about his topic. He’s excited about English and you can feel it in these well-made videos. He uses humor a lot of the time to help you learn. Misterduncan teaches English to the world for free and has had a channel on YouTube since 2006.

There are many lessons on topics like the senses, slang, news, fashion and money. They’re easy to watch and are about how the language is spoken instead of grammar.

2. FluentU English

The FluentU English channel has many types of videos for learners. Many of them are collections of resources. In these videos, learners can see options for studying English by focusing on a specific activity like watching TV shows, listening to podcasts, watching the news or watching classic American films.

In one type of video, for example, the instructor takes a movie trailer and breaks it down. This means you get an explanation of the grammar, vocabulary and English slang used in the video so that you can understand.

From modern blockbusters to the classics, authentic content shows you how native speakers actually talk in real life. Though it can be difficult to enjoy English media when you have to look up unknown words or can’t understand someone’s accent.

With leveled learning options and useful language tools, the language program FluentU helps you learn English while watching movie trailers, scenes from TV shows and other entertaining clips.

learn english esl youtube

As you can see from the “Crazy Rich Asians” trailer, these quick videos come with interactive subtitles that have definitions and images as you hover over them. You can also click on the words for sentence examples, pronunciation guides and other videos that mention that word to show you how vocabulary works in different situations.

To review each clip, you can also take the after-video quizzes that test your language skills, including speaking.

All the content from the website can also be accessed on the iOS and Android apps.

3. Learn English with EnglishClass101.com

Designed for rapid English language learning, these interesting video lessons cover many aspects of American and British culture. So you can discover more about the countries as you learn their language.

If you love their videos, there’s much more that you can learn from EnglishClass101 by Innovative Language.

It’s so much more than a YouTube channel! It’s actually a complete English learning program with over 1,000 English language video and audio lessons. You can sign up for free and learn more on their official website, here.

4. Real English

Real English is one of the best YouTube channels for English language beginners and has a large library of free lessons. Each one includes two videos, one with subtitles and one without and a handful of exercises.

It has real people and real-life situations, so you get a true feel for how people really speak English.

5. BBC Learn English

From one of the world’s most famous broadcasting companies (the British Broadcasting Corporation) comes a bunch of free English language lessons. They’re in a variety of formats such as real-life situations, cartoons and interviews.

There’s also a really cool collection of videos for words you’ll hear in the news. The videos are short but filled with a lot of really good information.

6. British Council: Learn English Kids

Songs are among the most enjoyable and effective ways to learn a new language. Their melodies and rhythms help to create strong memories, vital for picking up new verbs, expressions and colloquialisms.

Both children and adults who are learning English as a second language can benefit from listening and singing along to nursery rhymes (traditional kids’ songs), as they help to improve memory and recall skills.

The British Council’s Learn English Kids is a superb channel that’s packed with animated videos of nursery rhymes. Each well-produced English language video features entertaining cartoons and subtitles in English.

Children love being read stories and the British Council’s YouTube channel also features animations of favorite children’s tales including “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” “Jack and the Beanstalk” and “Little Red Riding Hood.” As with the nursery rhymes, the cartoons are accompanied by subtitles in English.

The channel also features a “word of the week” English language video series where you can see and hear children from around the world say a new word.

7. Business English Pod

You can ask for directions, get a meal in a restaurant and tell the time in English. But what if you’re called on to attend a business meeting conducted in English?

There’s no need to break out into a cold sweat as Business English Pod has it covered with clear and thorough lessons on topics such as supply chain management, finance/economics and contract law.

8. VOA Learning English

VOA is something a bit different. The channel offers subtitled news reports that are read out at slower speeds than normal. This gives the viewer time to hear every word clearly and to see the shape of the announcer’s mouth as he or she reads the script.

VOA also posts its Google+ Hangouts where callers from around the world discuss in English the stories that have been making the news. Other Hangouts provide tips on grammar and different aspects of speaking the English language.

9. JenniferESL

English with Jennifer is a rich collection of hundreds of videos that are grouped into easy-to-use playlists. There are lessons for beginners, lessons to improve your writing in English, lessons on grammar and many more.

What marks them out as a cut above the rest is the fresh and simple presentation and the special focus on pronunciation. There are no scripts and no actors, just real, natural English language speaking. In common with many other language learning channels, there is interactivity as well.

10. Britlish

Britlish takes a different approach from many other language learning channels. It concentrates learning around interesting things that you may encounter. For example, there are lessons about the vocabulary you will need at an airport, creepy-crawlies (insects) and types of musical instruments.

The narration is straightforward and accompanied by subtitles and occasionally some fascinating scenes. The lessons all link to follow-up interactive elements on the Britlish website, which are also free.

11. EF podEnglish

Learning English with YouTube is a lot easier with EF podEnglish. These are slick, bite-sized five-minute English lessons that are aimed at English language learners at every level, from absolute beginners to advanced students. They’re well-structured with a three-part lesson plan: watch, learn and try.

There’s a great range of topics, too. These include families, pets, directions, weather, films and technology. Some of the lessons use humor to get the points across. These are welcome touches that make learning easier and ensure that new words are memorized.

12. Learn American English

This channel’s videos are designed to help you learn English quickly and include real American slang, idioms and phrasal verbs.

This is a good introduction to common American words that differ from their English counterparts.


Well, that’s my list of 12 great channels to learn English with YouTube. With these great free English learning videos, nothing stands between you and fluency!

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